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What’s Included?

What's Included In Our Social Media Marketing Services?

  • Competitor analysis

    Finding your competitors currently beating you in audience size and Completing a business analysis of your service areas.

  • Organic social campaigns

    Researching content that has high engagement with your audience and scheduling daily posts.

  • Paid social campaigns

    Launch paid ad campaigns to most suitable target your business and brand for high-performing social media ads.

  • Tracking Your Campaigns

    Tracking and optimizing your target audience, reach and optimizing engagement, clicks, leads, and your ROI.

  • Managing Ad Campaign

    Managing social media reviews, results, engagement from campaigns, and brand mentions across social media platforms.

What Clients Say

Los Angeles - USA

Creatofox service was totally different from other agency. I got lots of views, comments and shares.

Mr. Super Clean
Illinois - USA

They really know digital and they sure do offer great services to make your business pop up out your competition.

Liren Milman
Yehud - Israel

Professional, attentive and an expert in the field, thanks Cratofox for all your hard work 🙏 Highly recommend!

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Our Process

We’ve created a roadmap for working with companies in a way that effectively executes a solid content marketing strategy.

  • Social Media Audit

    An audit is conducted of all existing social accounts to determine their current level of performance and presence.

  • Account Management

    Each account is revised to include the latest brand updates and changes to match current marketing objectives.

  • Market Analysis

    Competitors and the market are analyzed to understand how to best approach a social media marketing campaign.

  • Content Plan

    A content plan is created and content is scheduled based on the market analysis to reach the marketing objectives.

  • Ongoing Analysis

    Each post and each aspect of the campaign is analyzed to ensure the best ongoing performance of the strategy.